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Our first release is the �Monosynth� compilation, a name lend from an old synthesizer type. Artists coming mostly from the new electronic music scene of Germany, but also French, American and Greek bands. A collection edited in a limited edition of 500 copies for the lovers of minimal synth. In this private party you are all invited.

Jemek Jemowit

Jemek Jemowit is a new artist with a dynamic income to the Berlin scene, counting till now a number of explosive live performances. Inspirator of a unique electrobilly sound, this young man from Poland impulses the audience by his great performing, intense and passion, playing sometimes synthie even with his teeth! Fabrika records recognises in Jemek Jemowit a very special artist, and releases his work �Zemsta� in 300 copies.

Die Selektion

In winter 2010 three young musicians, calling their band Die Selektion, were rehearsing their new songs somewhere in Stuttgart. By that time, they would not have imagined that, just one year later Fabrika Records would release their first self-titled work in a limited edition of 300 copies. Combining dynamic vocals, melodic trumpets and dark dance synths, they fire-up their fanatic audience.

Petra Flurr & Modemista

Here is something sexy, something scary and something in your face. Your head bang from the beginning to the end as Petra Flurr smashes Weird Elektro punk with early NDW. But the only way to be initiated is to experience Petra Flurrs music yourself. His first hand-numbered LP ?download/Selbstmord?, mixed by Modernista. Modernista is a solo project based in an anti-thesis of the current concepts where superficial details seems to have more value, passion to create and fine electronics are the point. Synth-wave and "primitive" electro created by a Colombian exponent passionate for music and machines, such a Romantic, minimalist,fine and quadratic dance made in the hearth of Europe. Out now on Fabrika records in 300 copies. Download-link included!

Lebanon Hanover

Lebanon Hanover is a duo constructed between Berlin and England in July 2010. Very influenced by the darker side of the 80s they decided to stand up and disapprove with the high-pitched overproduced music that peaks in your ears. After some of their tracks have been featured on compilations they released their first 12" vinyl on Fabrika Records (Greece) in February 2012. Since moving to Berlin in spring 2011 Lebanon Hanover moved back to the moreprimitive surroundings of the North-East of England and work on new recordings.

Techniques Berlin

Back to 1985, 2 guys started making music in a southern Ontario basement. Their 1st synth was a crappy, old Technics keyboard, which inspired half of the band's name. 1st they've done a 2 song demo and they were taking it around to the clubs, but they didn't have a name yet, and they needed one fast. One of the Djs who heard the demo said that they sounded very German and that's where the Berlin part came from. 27 years later Andreas started digging through a little red suitcase, which contained all of the master tapes for many years he thought they would remain there. Gradually he began to restore a lot of the tapes and found out that many of the recordings still sounded well enough to present to the public. Thanks to all the recent interest the band is finally able to release this collection of what they consider to be Techniques Berlin's best material. Fabrika Records feels honored to release these tracks for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies. A download link with some bonus tracks will be included. Must-Have!!






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